The Final Move is an interactive instructional documentary that allows a user to learn about the Funeral Industry. With vivid visuals, users will interactively go through each stage of funeral planning. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (2020), advanced funeral planning is increasing within adults. With this project, users are given a sense of what real funeral planning is and how it is executed.  At the end of this project, the user should feel comfortable that they can choose exactly how they want a funeral planned, whether it is them or someone else.  This project was produced using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, and Eko Studio. Stock music was obtained from The intended audience for this documentary are persons interested in the Funeral Industry and wondering minds. 

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Sprint Zero

Sprint One


In sprint zero, I created a storyboard with actual visuals of the Funeral Industry to determine how I would shoot footage and to also an idea of what story I wanted to present. 

In sprint one, I created pathways for my documentary. With the creation of these pathways, I was able to lay out how I wanted the videos to flow and also allow the user the ability to have a say so.

Sprint Two

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In sprint two, I began shooting. I was very conscious of always making sure that I was not identifying bodies. 

Sprint Four

Sprint Three


In sprint three, I began sorting my footage and composing them into videos.


In sprint four, I began uploading all of my videos on Eko Studio and began to create the pathways for my videos that I completed in sprint two.


I would like to send a very big thank you to Mr. Donovan Phillips for sharing his knowledge with me and being so willing to help me create a successful project. Also, thank you to the staff of Phillips Brothers and Anderson Memorial Mortuary as well as Rouse Mortuary Service & Crematory.